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Maybe making art tethers me to the present, which I so often need. When I'm flying or floating around out there without an anchor. It can reel me in to my senses. Senses lead to awareness of my body and the the ground. My senses can also lead to free play, exploring, losing myself in pleasure. Sometimes pleasure, love, as well as pain, struggle, feeling lost can be at least partially expressed in art, without the effort put into so many words. So maybe art is simply an exciting visual language which gets to the heart of what's happening. It can awaken me into new possibilities. Creating an opening to who knows what.

It's all a mystery.


Barbara Clubb is an Indiana "Hoosier" and a longtime Austin and Driftwood resident whose work has been widely shown in the Central Texas area and Houston, TX. Her most recent paintings are multi-media using a complex layering of acrylic, pastels and collage. A prevailing theme in both realistic and abstract work is the natural world as a spiritual energy. She uses intuition and "serendipity" as guides in careful placement of objects in the overall composition. Playfulness and an extraordinary use of color are hallmarks of her work. Barbara has also been a practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi and Yoga for many years.


of drawing, painting, using pastel and collage:

Subject Matter - plants, and flowers (no landscape - I have to see things close up), kimonos, lots of abstract or non-figurative work,  which I suppose is full of responses to daily life and dreams, conscious and unconscious, animals (my dogs), birds, some people, objects I am drawn to, images I’ve repeated for years - - like ladders, stylized ferris wheels, keys and moons, letters and especially the word Ruege.

Thin and thick acrylic and other water based paints, on paper, always paper.

I use a lot of art journals and sketch books. Drawing materials are pencils, pens, fine and brush markers, ink, soft and sometimes compressed pastels, sometimes charcoal and recently colored pencils (so precise and tight, which I’ve never liked before now).

And the bits and pieces of texture and images and pattern, I use for collage: beautiful handmade papers, plain old magazine paper. Fabrics pressed flowers and leaves, torn correspondence, parts of poems, quotes, ephemera collected everywhere and sometimes copied to make increasingly lighter generations of images.


Graduate of Purdue University, West Lafayette

Indiana State University, Terr Haute IN

John Herron Art School, Indianaplis IN



Wally Workman Gallery, Austin TX, " New Work" 2000

St. Edwards University, Austin TX, "INFP" 1998

Westbank Gallery, Austin TX, "Juxtaposition" 1996

Selected Group EXHIBITS in Houston, TX 1971-1975

University of Houston O'Kane Gallery:

        "Barbara Clubb and Laura Caghan"

North Harris County College, Houston, TX

        "Four Woman"


DuBose Gallery, Houston, TX

       "Introductions" annual exhibit showcasing 6 new artists

Selected Group EXHIBITS in Central Texas

Amdur Gallery, Austin TX

Teeks and the Bridge Gallery, Wimberley, TX

Austin Community College, annual Art Faculty Exhibits           

Gallery 1515, Kerrville, TX


Austin Visual Arts Asso (AVAA)

New Braunfels Art League

Wimberley Art League


Art on 12, Wimberley, TX 2014- 2015

Bent Tree Gallery, Wimberley, TX 2014 - 2016

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

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